Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8072

I found this very cute turquoise, hot pink, dark blue and white fabric at Joann's.

It has tiny kitties all over it, perfect for doll clothes.

And it just screamed "1950s" at me.

I made several different dresses from this fabric.

This first one that I made is from Simplicity 8072.

This was a very easy dress to make, and it's very cute.

I don't always like clothes that reveal the cloth body of an AG doll, but I think this one is cute enough to make up for it.

Violet is wearing Maryellen's crinoline underneath this dress, and the skirt looks so lovely and poofy.

This fabric also looks cute with the pink and white saddle shoes that I got off of ebay.

The pattern called for ribbon, I think, for the bottom stripe along the bottom of the dress. Or maybe it was for the belt. Anyway.
Buying ribbon would add to the cost of making the dress, and also it might be hard to find a perfect color match.

Instead, I just made my own, using the same pick fabric I used in the rest of the dress for a perfect match.

I am very happy with this dress and would recommend the pattern.

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