Friday, June 5, 2020

Lottie Doll Kid Activist Meg

I pre-ordered the Lottie doll Kid Activist Meg, back when she was first released. I think it was November 2018.

I thought she was really cute, and I liked her message. I also really like Lottie doll Mia, and she needed a friend.

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up where she was mailed out and didn't arrive.

The company was really great and re-sent her, but the delay soured my enthusiasm a bit.

She did finally arrive!

Front of Box
Back of Box

Lottie doll Meg comes with a placard that says "Kids Voices Matter," a tiara, and a megaphone.
She wears a green jacket, a yellow T-shirt that also says "Kids Voices Matter," and denim shorts.

Meg is inspired by real-life kid activist Mari Copeny.

I have not put the tiara on her yet, I am afraid of breaking or losing it.

She can really hold the megaphone, but it only works on her left hand. I tried to put in on her right hind at first.

She is really cute!

She looked hot in her jacket, so I took it off.

Meg can stand well on her own.
Mia was the first Lottie doll I got and did not stand well on her own I think this is due to the heels on Mia's wellie boots.

Wildlife Photographer Mia joined her so that they could hold a mini Black Lives Matter protest.

Meg may be a small doll, but she has a big message, and one that is very important at the moment.

I highly recommend her, and would suggest getting her for any child in your life that plays with dolls.

Don't forget that everyone deserves equal rights, and that Black Lives Matter.

You can read my review of Meg's friend, Wildlife Photographer Mia, here.

Meg and Mia are currently my only Lottie dolls, but I am also interested in the Sinead doll. This doll represents a real-life Little Person, Sinead Burke, who works in the fashion industry.


  1. She's a very cute doll, I love the big hair. And it's inspired by a real kid, which is awesome. I didn't know this Lottie dolls were still on sale, as I feel they don't get as much talked about as they used to.
    Hope you have a wondeful weekend.

  2. Essas bonecas são uma graça. Dei uma olhada no site e me apaixonei por elas. Sempre gosto dessas pequenas. Obrigada pela dica.


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