Friday, September 21, 2018

Wildlife Photographer Mia

Most of you who read this blog probably don't know me in real life. So you probably don't know that I am severely hearing impaired. 

I have been hearing impaired all my life, but it has gotten a lot worse in recent years.

My hearing is so bad that the only reason I don't have a cochlear implant is that I refuse to get one.
The thought of this scares me to death.

However, doctors are certain that I will need one by the time I reach retirement.

I didn't buy Mia right away. I rarely buy dolls on impulse.
I waited until I had a bad day and found her for sale with free shipping.

In fact, I first heard about her a year ago. You can read my original blog here.

Mia is a wildlife photographer. I like to go canoeing on weekends and take pictures of birds, so I love this about her.
I am fighting the urge to buy her the Lottie dolls canoe.

Lottie comes wearing a red raincoat, red Wellies, blue jeans, and a cute long sleeved T-shirt.
I love her outfit. It looks like something real girls would wear, and it is not pink.

Also included with Mia are a camera, a blue bucket hat, a bag and a newsletter.
I love the hat. I wear one like it when I am canoeing so I don't get sunburned.
Unfortunately, it does not stay on her head very well, partly because her hair is fluffy.

The camera can easily be attached to her hand with a clear rubber band (not included).
I had lots of fun taking pictures of her taking pictures, even if I was scared I would lose the tiny camera.

 Mia comes in a very pretty box and it is very easy to take her out of the box.

I really like Mia's hair. It is waist length and very soft.
It is crimped to make it look textured.
I like that she doesn't have any bangs. I like dolls without bangs.

I read that Lottie dolls are supposed to stand up on their own. I have not been able to get her to do this.
However, I have not taken her boots off yet. That might make it easier.

Obviously, it is not super realistic to have a pink cochlear implant. I think they are usually flesh colored, as are hearing aids. They CAN be pink, though. I just don't think it is common. I don't mind it so much, because at such a small scale, the color helps make it visible.
Image result for pink cochlear implant
Pink cochlear implants
It is also not alone, as American Girl doll hearing aids are also pink.

Overall, I am very happy with Mia.

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