Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Summer days

Hi guys, I took some pictures of a few dolls outside yesterday.
I wanted to share these.
I am also on Instagram, my name there is igsbeth. Feel free to follow me there!

The pandemic has meant for me, among other things, less freedom to take pictures of my dolls and take pictures of them.

I am also going to have much less Internet access than usual for the month of July.

I have a couple of posts pre-scheduled, though.

It may be quiet here, but I will be back when I can!

I may be more active on Instagram for July. It's faster to post a single picture than to do a whole blog post with commentary.

 Nanea and Mele! Nanea's lei was a gift from Inky's Mom!

 Joss and Murph are picking raspberries.

 Addy climbed a tree!
 Close up of Nanea

 Kit is looking for ripe raspberries. If she picks enough, she can make jam!

 Mara climbed a tree!

Another picture of Joss.

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