Thursday, July 23, 2020

Explore the Parks Outfit Review

I recently bought the Explore the Parks Outfit from American Girl.

I have been exploring my state parks this summer, as I can do that and still keep a distance from other people.

This outfit is modelled by Mara, who loves exploring parks!

The outfit comes with a T-shirt, scarf, pants and sandals.

The sandals are the worst part. They look cute, but slide off the doll's foot, and are definitely not what I would choose to wear to a park. I substituted hiking boots in these pictures.

AG is selling hiking boots separately, with hiking accessories.

I love the T-shirt! It's why I bought this outfit.

The pants are fine.

The scarf is cute, but I think it looks awkward hanging around the doll neck.

Mara loves headbands, so I put it around her head instead.

This outfit is great, but don't let your doll wear those sandals hiking!

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