Friday, January 21, 2022

1960s Doll Quilts

 My mom's friend Meredith sent me what she described as quilt squares cut out by her mother.

When I opened the box up, the squares had actually been sewn into rows.

Most of the fabric was not quilt fabric. There's polyester, velvet, brocade, eyelet fabric.

I think a lot of it came from clothes, some of it may have been from curtains or tablecloths.

I would date it about 1960s. Some of it may be 1970s instead.

None of it was anything that I would use. It was also fragile due to age and the variety of fabrics used.

But it was special because Meredith's mom, Mrs. N. worked on it.

So... I made it into two doll quilts for Meredith's granddaughters the great-granddaughters of the original seamstress.

They are very very scrappy.

My hope is that they will provide a link to the girls from their great-grandmother. I made a label to put on the back with her full name on it.

I am sure that when Meredith sees these quilts, she will recognize some of the fabrics and they will bring back memories for her. Hopefully she will share them with her granddaughters.

I knew Mrs. N. only vaguely in person. I probably waved at her when she passed, but didn't have a lot of interactions.

 I know a lot about her through her daughter's stories.

She was a polio survivor who walked with a limp.

Her second child was born with a serious medical condition and lived in the hospital for a few months before passing away.

Her husband served in WWII.

She was sweet and funny.

So I am honored to preserve these memories for her family, even though it made me sneeze a lot.

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