Friday, September 1, 2023

Caddie Woodlawn

 I recently re-read the Caddie Woodlawn books by Carol Ryrie Brink.

I also got to visit the Caddie Woodlawn House in Wisconsin! It was amazing!

It's a real house, it's free, and there is free admission. It's 35 minutes from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Wayside Cabin in Pepin. I highly recommend it!

I am itching to make Caddie's white Fourth of July dress with a  red, white and blue sash.

The book illustration shows the dress looking a lot like Meg's Ball Gown By Keeper Dolly Duds.

Caddie is in the center. The dress on the left looks more 1850s to me.

I bet that the real dress was much simpler, especially since Caddie's mother knew that there was a good dress that the dress would be ruined.

I think that I might make more than one version of the dress. A book illustration one and a more practical one.

I am itching for a day to sew!

I also want to make a a 1830s doll wardrobe like Mrs. Nightingale's doll Adelaide.

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