Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Generation Ukulele Set

My mom has started playing the ukulele. My sister wants one too, and she wants a turquoise ukulele.

So I thought it would be funny to give her the Our Generation ukulele set for the holidays.

My mom doesn't like dolls, but when she saw the ukulele set she could not stop talking about how cute it was, so we surprised her with one too.

It's an unjust world in which everyone but me gets doll accessories for Christmas!

Here is the set in the box. It comes with the ukulele, sheet music, a record and stickers.

What really impressed me about the ukulele is that it really has strings. I didn't really expect that from a toy instrument at this price point.

The sheet music has real ukulele chords inside. I am no musician but I have printed off some music for my mom, so I know what it looks like at least.

My mom's beanie baby turtles like the ukulele too!

So does Kanani!

This is a great set, and I would highly recommend it.

Our Generation is really offering American Girl some competition.


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    1. Want me to pick one up for you? There seem to be a lot out locally now.


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