Thursday, January 7, 2016

Patterns for Maryellen

I have been sewing some 1950s dresses- actually the same pattern over and over- and this made me think about the patterns available for 1950s American Girl dolls. There are a LOT.

Maryellen is a doll that is easy to spoil!

Simplicity 1245 by Keepers Dolly Duds

Simplicity 1086 by Keepers Dolly Duds

Simplicity 1244 by The Dollies' Dressmaker

Simplicity 8072 by Elaine Hegl

Simplicity 8071  by Cupcake Cutie Pie 

Simplicity 1443

Simplicity 1486 by Cupcake Cutie Pie

I am not sure if these patterns fit AG dolls, but they do say 18 inches. I think they are probably too narrow and would need adjusting.

Simplicity 2770

Simplicity 3929

Simplicity 2454

Simplicity 4347

On Pixie Faire:

Crabapples Fifties Favorite

Crabapples Sunday Best

Dolly Wears Camille Dress

Eden Ava Couture 1950s Silhouette Dress

Flossie Potter Little 50s Swing Coat

Flossie Potter's Little '50s Dress

Flossie Potter Joni's Uptown Dress

Forever 18 Inches Lollipop Garden Dress

Heritage Doll Fashions 1950s Sock Hop Dress

Heritage Doll Fashions Wrap Top Dress

Keepers Dolly Duds Bodice Details

Keepers Dolly Duds Circle Swirl Dress

Keepers Dolly Duds Pattern KDD04 "Fifties Flair"

Keepers Dolly Duds KDD19 "Bibbed Play Suit"

Keepers Dolly Duds Side Tie Collar Dress

Keepers Dolly Duds Train Station

Kindred Thread 1954 Party Dresses

Kindred Thread Fifties Shirtwaist Dress

Little Miss Muffet Roadhouse Roller Skater

Love From Lola Rockabetty

My Angie Girl's 1950s 4 Way Wardrobe

My Angie Girl's Nifty 50s Jumper and Blouse

My Angie Girl's Sailorette

QT Pie 1950s Fancy Dress

Sofie's Nana Dress Two

On Etsy:
(all Pixie Faire patterns can also be purchased on etsy)

Appletotes Sanibel Vintage Swimsuit pattern

Doll Tag Clothing Drawn Inspiration Dress

Hodgery Podgery 1952 Walk-Away Dress

Jen Wrenne 1950s Dresses

Jen Wrenne Classic Smocked Dress

  • Farmcookies has some patterns for Maryellen as well.

Do Wop Days features a dress like Maryellen's school dress.

Meet Maryellen also has patterns for Maryellen.

18" American Girl, Vintage 1950's Dress PATTERN, KRVP-Mc1827

18" American Girl, Vintage 1954 Nurses Costume PATTERN, KRVP-Mc1895  (this one is maybe my favorite from this shop, as it is very unique from the patterns available elsewhere)

  • Medwelch has a number of dress patterns that are from the 1950s or thereabouts:

Other Patterns Available Online:


I am pretty sure these patterns are for dolls skinnier than AG, but they can be altered or used as inspiration:

Retro Butterick B6001

Retro Butterick B6000

Retro Butterick B5864

Retro Butterick B5465

Other clothing inspiration for Maryellen can be found at The Bleu Door. They have clothing patterns for Bluette dolls from the 1950s, and you can look through them by year. 

They also have the 1950s paper dolls for Betsy McCall, whose clothes were designed by fashionable American clothing designers. And Betsy also had a pet dachshund!


  1. Wow, there are really a lot of pattern options out there, aren't there?

  2. Also also!

    Farmcookies on Etsy did two and they're lovely!

    Doo Wop Days, featuring the prototype Maryellen dress and one that looks similar to her meet dress!

    Meet Maryellen pattern with two more dresses.

    1. Cool! Even your Maryellen will never be able to have all of these dresses Boom- there are soooo many!

    2. I added your patterns to the post! Thanks, Boom!


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