Friday, August 11, 2017

Lea's Celebration Dress

I bought Lea's Celebration Dress at MCM.

Stella is the first to get to wear it.

 I honestly love this dress. The best way for AG to get me to but anything is to put embroidery on it. I am a sucker for real embroidery.

This is a really intricate pattern, and the colors play together beautifully.

I also like the way the sandals are constructed. The sandals attach with velcro at the back of the foot, and this includes the ankle straps.

Separate velcro for the ankle straps would be problematic, and this works very nicely, in my opinion.

The embroidery goes all around the dress, too, unlike Addy's Cape Island Dress.

I took a lot of pictures, so let's let them speak for themselves!

Sooooo pretty!

I am very glad that I was able to pick this up!


  1. The dress is lovely on Stella.. one of the many outfits I appreciate more on a blog than in the AG catalog. I was tempted by that dress, too, at MCM.
    Is that downtown Baraboo? That water fountain sparked a memory from my childhood! We used to camp at Devils Lake.

    1. No, it's Delavan. :)
      Baraboo is great too!


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