Thursday, August 3, 2017

Nanea in Molly's and Emily's Clothing

Nanea Mitchell is now available to purchase for American Girl rewards members who are Gold or Berry level members!

I am not, and therefore I do not have a Nanea on the way.

(I am also not ready to make another doll purchase so soon after MCM.)

But Nanea pictures are beginning to be seen on the Internet!

User Nicolel at American Girl Playthings took some really lovely pictures of Nanea wearing clothes from the collections of Molly McIntire and Emily Bennett.

Nanea looks so cute!

I especially love how Nanea's hair is lovingly re-styled in each picture.

I contacted Nicolel and asked if I could re-post her pictures for those who are not AGP members.

She very kindly said yes!

I love Peter Pan collars, and this dress looks so adorable on Nanea.

 I think this is my favorite! Nanea definitely needs a swimsuit.

She is SO cute. She is rocking the color and the pig tails.

She also looks great in Molly's birthday dress.

 She is heart-meltingly adorable as a tap dancer!

 I have always loved Emily's meet dress, but it is SO gorgeous on Nanea.
A must-have!

In my collection, Molly's Christmas dress belongs to Anne, because I had a similar Christmas dress in 1992. Mine was in black velvet with a gold sash.

However, Anne might have to start sharing with Nanea- or I may have to re-create that dress in black velvet in doll size.

These pictures are soooo amazing and they make me so much more excited about Nanea!

Many thanks to Nicolel for sharing!

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