Monday, August 21, 2017

Ballerina Barbie

This is, sort of, one of my favorite childhood Barbies.

An interesting thing about this Barbie is that her eyes are half blue, half purple.

 See, I was checking the toys in the Goodwill, when I saw a ballet slipper sticking out of a heap of Barbies.

I recognized that ballet slipper!

I pulled the Barbie out, and there she was.

I still have my actual childhood Barbie that matches this one. She's at my parents'.

This one is in better condition. The hair is not matted.

Posing her to look like she is actually dancing is difficult.

Anyway, I couldn't pass her up.

My original Barbie like this was a gift from a favorite aunt, if I remember correctly.

She had all kinds of adventures. My sister used to act out elaborate plots for our Barbies that went on for weeks at a time.

It's funny that this Barbie only has one ballet slipper- because so does my original Barbie.

Maybe now I have a complete set again.

Here is her original get up. I think I still have the skirt, too.

This was a fun find at Goodwill!

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