Saturday, August 5, 2017

Nanea Face Mold Comparisons

This is another post using the photos from Nicolel at American Girl Playthings.

She is so kind!

She made these great side-by-side comparison of Nanea's face mold with the other face molds that she owns.

I think it is very fascinating.

 Here is a group picture of all the dolls with different face molds together. They are so cute!

Here are Marie Grace and Nanea together.
I thought that these two are the most alike, but when I see them side by side, they are not.

Here is Cecile (Sonali mold) with Nanea. I think there is some similarity here.

The classic mold and Nanea's face mold look very different.

The #4 face mold also looks very different from Nanea.

To my surprise, I think that the Josefina mold looks the most like Nanea, with the Sonali mold in second place.

I never would have guessed. Maybe I am not as good at face molds as I thought. Of course, with the Hearts for Hearts dolls I have trouble telling which face molds are different or the same whatsoever.

Last but not least, Nanea with Z Yang (Jess mold). Cute, but not very similar.

I found these side by side comparisons to be very surprising!

I really wouldn't think that Nanea's face mold is closest to the Josefina mold by looking at her on her own.

It also looks like maybe Nanea's head is  a bit smaller than the other dolls, and that is why her eyes look so big.

I would like to thank Nicolel for her amazing generosity in letting me share all of these pictures!



  1. The Nanea mold may be launching itself into the running of one of my favorite face molds. She's just so cute!

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