Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pattern Review: 123 Mulberry Street Baby Doll Dress

I wanted to start sewing again, and I wanted a quick and easy project. And as it is December, I wanted a project WITH SLEEVES.

Wanting long sleeves really narrows your choices down.

I decided to go with 123 Mulberry Street's Baby Doll Dress. It has a choice of short sleeves and three quarter length sleeves.

To my eye, at least, it looks like a cute, trendy dress, maybe slightly on the young side of the spectrum.

It would look trendier with leggings underneath the dress, but I didn't have to energy to hunt for any.

It could also easily be used for a 60s dress for Melody.

This dress was a joy to make. It took me two hours total, so I was able to complete it before work.

I did not even have to read the instructions, which I hate.

I was very happy with this for a quick sewing project!

I think it looks cute with Saige's boots.


  1. I love this style of dress and your did a great job. And the boots tip it off. The leggings would bring it up-to-date, but as it is: a perfect hippie 60s dress :)


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