Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pattern Review: Jinjia Mixed Goods Gothic Lolita Blouse

Jinjia Mixed Goods has released her first doll clothes pattern for sale (she has done many free patterns) and it is fabulous!

This pattern is the Gothic Lolita Style Blouse and it is for sale in her Etsy shop.

This pattern has so many choices. You can basically make any blouse you ever dreamed up. 

There are 256 different combinations from different sleeves, collars, and other options.

I made a blouse with short puffed sleeves and a Peter Pan collar and peplum. 
I want to make many more of the other options!

This is really a classic blouse. It reminds me of one that I had that I loved.

Here is a look at the inset lace I did on the sleeve. So pretty and ladylike!

I love this pattern. what more can I say?

If you want to read more about the pattern, you can read the pattern designer's blog post about it here.

You should go buy this pattern immediately. There is a coupon code for her etsy shop.

It is  JMG10TH and it is valid until May 10 for 10% off $5 or more in purchases.

This is a pattern that you will use over and over. Definitely worth the price.

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