Friday, November 16, 2018

Felicity's Wardrobe: Felicity's Nightgown

Now this is a piece of clothing that isn't featured very often... Felicity's nightgown.

The American Girl Company would not make a piece of clothing like this today. It's very simple.

Most of the historical night clothes that they make now incorporate color in some way and have short sleeves.

But its very simplicity makes it seem authentic to me. When you have to sew complete wardrobes for a family of five by hand, you would want night clothes that are easy to make and to launder.

The set comes with the nightgown, a night cap, and leather mules. The night cap and slippers would help you stay warm at night.

Here is a better look at the cap:

The leather mules do a surprisingly great job of staying on her feet.

Someone on an AG forum asked once about the construction of the arm seams on the nightgown.
I did not have it on hand at the time to check, but I can show you now:

There is a triangle sewn in the armpit. Interesting!

The nightgown closes with a drawstring. While I am sure this is historically accurate, it has occurred to me that this is not good for small children. It would be all too easy to accidentally yank the ribbon out of its casing, and then you couldn't tie it.

This nightgown is very similar to the nightgown made by A Girl for All Time for their Tudor Doll, Matilda. I suspect that the basic style did not change for quite a while.

I am glad I have this in my collection, but I admit Felicity never wears it.
She has too many pretty dresses to wear instead.

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