Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kaya's Wardrobe: Kaya's Winter Accessories

I just added Kaya's Winter Accessories to my collection.

I wanted this for several reasons:

I live in a cold area, and Kaya needs to stay warm.

I have noticed that these tend to sell for more money on the secondary market than they do new, and they are still available from AG!

And also, I fell in love with some pictures that Maggie at American Girl Collectors took of her Kaya wearing them in the snow.

It may look sunny in these pictures, but it is pretty chilly, and Kaya is happy to have warm clothes to wear.

If you are not aware, the winter accessories include gloves, boots, and cape and a hood.
I did not really realize that it came with a pair of fur lined moccasins!

There are a lot of small pieces to lose, so that's another reason to buy this direct from AG.

This picture of Kaya and Steps High is the CUTEST. They love each other.

Fun fact: Kaya is riding Steps High in my living room right now. They look so good together.

I am really happy to own this wardrobe staple, and I look forward to taking more pictures of it when it snows.

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