Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Secret Snarker 2019 Part Two

I have been making my swap partner a doll quilt as part of the Secret Snarker exchange.

 I had several ideas on what to make this year, but I had some Canadian flag fabric I had been saving in case I ever had a swap partner in Canada, so I decided to use that.

This quilt is a bit bigger than most of the doll quilts I make, but I based the size on the very large blanket that comes with Melody's bed.

I wanted a simple quilt where the design would not overwhelm the fabric, but I also wanted to do something a bit different than just a lot of squares together.

This quilt is, in my opinion, very modern looking and very versatile.

Jess likes it!

Yes, she is still wearing Christmas pajamas, because they are stinking cute on her, and they match the quilt colors anyway.

I also made four mini doll books from Jinjia Mixed Goods for the swap. They are all fantasy themed.

Jess is reading The Golden Compass in this picture.

So, I hope my swap partner is happy!

I also hope she likes the color red. It was a total accident that everything turned out to be red!


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