Sunday, March 10, 2019

Secret Snarker 2019

It's Secret Snarker time again!

I always have so much fun sewing for someone else, who has maybe different interests than I do.
It really stretches my creativity.

This year I was assigned to thecatsme0w at American Girl Collectors.

One of the dolls that she wanted to receive things for is Luanne, her Western Girl who lives on a ranch. Luanne is a #46.

To create some clothes for Luanne, I used Simplicity pattern number 8359.

This is a pattern made by American Girl, and it features Western clothes. I owned this pattern but had not used it before.

I actually made two things from this pattern.

I made the dress from View B.

Meritaten is acting as my model here.

This dress looked like something within my skill set, and it was, but it had a lot a lot of pattern pieces.
It was very intimidating when I cut them all out.

I decided that if I better make the dress immediately, or I would procrastinate and make a mental block.

I got in done all in one day, and was pleasantly surprised.

The dress is very cute and looks like the one on the pattern cover.

I also made a skirt from View B of the pattern.

Saige is my model here!

I did not make this T-shirt. I bought a lot of them at the MCM benefit, so I am including one in this swap.

The skirt is tiered and has a horseshoe print on it. The tiers are not photographing well, but it truly is adorable in person.

There you can see the tiers!

I made the dress on the same day as the skirt, so I did a LOT of ruffles that day.

The skirt has a very retro vibe to it to me. I thought maybe the skirt's back story could be that it once belonged to Luanne's mother, so it is Luanne's lucky skirt.

I did not mean to make everything red for this swap. It just kind of happened that way. I hope the recipient likes red!

As far as Simplicity pattern 8359, I was pretty happy with it. It was super convenient to have this Western pattern on hand when I needed it.

Like I said, the dress pattern looked very intimidating when I cut out the pieces, but it went together well.

Also, I think this dress pattern could be used to re-create one of the dresses from Lea's collection, the Celebration Outfit. It does not have to be Western if you don't want it to be.

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