Tuesday, July 30, 2019

My CYO from MCM

I was hoping to get a unique Jess mold doll from MCM.

There were two possible combinations on my wish list.

I was able to get a doll who looked like one of my dream dolls!

She even came with the CYO outfit that I would have picked out.

She has short, curly, red hair and blue eyes.

She does have the new eyes with the white posts. Her eyes look a little bit wonky.
I am not sure if that is because her eyes are wonky, or just because the face mold is uneven.

She is still quite pretty!

I haven't picked out a name and a back story for her, but I am working on it!


  1. How many dolls do you have now? This one is pretty...love long curly red hair! LOL

    1. I don't want to count... I have a few up for sale to free up some space.


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