Wednesday, July 17, 2019

MCM Price List

The Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale is this Saturday and Sunday!

Here are my descriptions of previous experiences: 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The price list for Saturday has been shared.

It is not very detailed in what outfits and accessories will be available.
That is disappointing, because I like to plan which ones to get in advance.

The procedure for buying CYOs sounds like a nightmare, since you can't really access the Internet at the sale.

"Create Your Own Doll Gallery Coming Friday: 

This year American Girl has donated a large number of Create Your Own Dolls, which were custom-ordered by customers and then returned. As each of the dolls is unique, we are using a special ordering procedure for them within the warehouse.

On Friday (7/19), by 5 p.m., we will publish the link to online albums with a photo and unique alpha-numeric code for each doll. The links will be posted on our blog and distributed by email and on Facebook. You are invited to view these dolls and create a personal wish list of the ones you want.

When you get to the Create Your Own doll table in the warehouse, you can request the dolls of your choice by their alpha-numeric codes. On the day of the sale, volunteers will update the albums in real-time, deleting those dolls that have been claimed so that you can modify your wish list as you go."

If you are going, don't forget to check out my blog posts from past years, which are full of MCM advice!

Getting ready for MCM

Eating in Middleton

Don't forget to look at the weather forecast!

It will be super hot and it may rain. I think I will bring some garbage bags to keep dolls dry if it rains. Don't forget to stay hydrated! They will have water for sale there, but I plan to bring both bottled water and caffeinated soda.

If you pre-ordered a t-shirt, then you can pick up your order at the info tent. There are a LOT of shirts, so if the line is long you can always come back and get them later in the sale. We will have them there both Saturday and Sunday.
If you didn't order a shirt, we have a few of every human size and a small supply of doll shirts that will be available at the sale, also for sale at the info tent. Cash only, please.
Prices at the sale on Saturday will be:
Doll Shirt – $7
Child Shirt – $14
Adult Shirt, sizes XS to XL – $16
Adult Shirt, extended sizes – $19

Here is the link to the list, and below is the price list in full.

Historical and Contemporary Character Dolls and Sets

  • Tenney  Limit 10…..$40
  • Melody Limit 10…..$30
  • Addy Limit 10…..$30
  • Other Historical Character dolls Limit 1…..$85
  • Kit Set Limit 3…..$85

Girl of the Year Dolls

  • Isabelle (2014 GOTY)  Limit 5…..$85
  • Gabriela (2017 GOTY) Limit 5…..$85
  • Luciana (2018 GOTY) Limit 2…..$100

Truly Me Dolls

  • Truly Me Limit 6…..$55
  • Truly Me #25 Limit 3…..$35 (Voucher Item)

Create Your Own Dolls

  • Create Your Own Limit 5…..$120

WellieWisher Dolls and Sets

  • WellieWisher Limit 5…..$20
  • WellieWisher Set Limit 6…..$30

Bitty Baby Dolls and Sets

  • Bitty Baby Limit 10…..$25
  • Bitty Baby 12-Piece Set Limit 5…..$50

Clothing and Book Prices

  • Truly Me and Historical Character Outfits…..starting at $10
  • Historical Character 3-Book-Set with Mini Doll…..$5
  • Paperback Books….$2 (please note, this is incorrectly listed as $10 on the paper list that will be distributed at the sale)

Accessories and Clothing Limits

Purchasing limits for accessories and clothing are represented on colored tags within the warehouse. The limits for all of these items are per color category— this system excludes dolls, books, vouchers, and girl’s clothing.
  • White…..25 items
  • Green…..15 items
  • Yellow…..10 items
  • Orange…..5 items
  • Blue…..1 item

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