Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sofie Clareese patterns on etsy

Last year, Sofie Clareese Fashion had one of the most popular patterns of the year.

The Pleasant Day Sundress makes a dress that looks just like Blaire's meet dress, and naturally it was very popular.

It looks cute with all kinds of fabric choices.

I keep drooling over this pattern, and lately I could not find it on Pixie Faire.
That really bugged me!

The Sofie Clareese patterns can now all be found on etsy.

I don't blame Sofie Clareese at all, as I understand that Pixie Faire takes a large amount of the pattern price for pattern makers to list there. I think it's as much as 40% of the price.

I hope that Sofie Clareese is doing well on etsy, and I am happy to know where t find her patterns.

I still want the Pleasant Day Sundress pattern, but for 18 inch and 14 inch dolls!

(I would love it if she packaged both pattern sizes together and knocked a dollar or two off the price.)

Check her etsy shop out! She has many other cute patterns for sale!

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