Friday, September 17, 2021

Exploring Wisconsin History

 I love the Wisconsin Historical Society. They have such great historical sites to visit.

I recently visited both Old World Wisconsin and Circus World, and I brought dolls to take pictures.

I took my new Kaya to Circus World. I have decided to name her Caitlin. She is probably going to get a new wig, as this one is very choppy.

Caitlin with an antique circus wagon.

Caitlin with a circus wagon wheel.

Caitlin looking at circus wagons.

I am still thinking of a personality and name for my Just Like Me 80.

Yes, sometimes I am really bad at this.

So I took her to Old World Wisconsin, thinking that we need to spend some time together to get to know each other.

She is so beautiful... and I still don't know her name.
Is there an easier way to keep glasses on an AG doll?
These kept falling off.

I thought Danielle had this problem because of her hearing aids. Now I think it must be all AG dolls that have this problem.

Anyway, I got some really good pictures, as well as loads of outtakes, so I wanted to share!


  1. Yes, the glasses can be problematic on all American Girl dolls except the oldest ones. The old metal glasses hook over the doll's ears, so Molly and Amanda have no risk of losing theirs. Z and Zoe, on the other hand...when I carry Z I have to loop her glasses over her scarf. So yeah, that's an issue. #80 looks cute in them, though!


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