Sunday, May 8, 2016


I have four female cousins, all at the same age. They are still too little for AG. I have been thinking about them, though, and I want to be able to sew doll clothes for them when they reach the right age.

I recently won an auction of two AG dolls, with the intention of cleaning them up and giving them  to my cousins when they are old enough. This may be a mistake, because I might get attached to the dolls and keep them.

The dolls are MY AG 28 and 41. I am calling them Violet and Amelia. You will probably be seeing them on here as doll models.

The outfit that Amelia came in cracks me up:

Violet had on mismatching earrings:

Violet already has been acting as a model for me, and Amelia's turn will be soon!


  1. Hi, we nominated you for a chain blog award and wanted to let you know! :)


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