Monday, May 9, 2016

Pattern Review: Keeper's Dolly Duds 1930s Frock

This is a pattern that I have owned for a while, and I am ashamed that it has taken me so long to use it.

This is Keeper's Dolly Duds 1930s Frock, and  it is beautiful.

My brain is currently just overflowing with ideas for the many different combinations of color and fabric that I can use with this pattern.

I think that the dresses are just too lovely.

Nethilia of American Girl Outsider recently used this pattern also. You can see her version here.

I did two of the dresses with different fabric for the bodice and skirt because I felt that this emphasized the lovely scallops at the bottom of the bodice. If I am going to do all this extra work to create scallops, I want them to be clearly visible.

The third dress, the yellow one, has white stripes on top of the yellow. They are not very visible. I decided to have the stripes on the skirt going in one direction, and the stripes on the scalloped bodice going in the opposite direction. I thought that this would help the scallops stand out a bit.

I hope that this strategy succeeded, and does not look like I made a mistake. It's hard for me to tell. After all, I know it was intentional.

The downside to this pattern was that I felt, at first, that the directions sort of skipped a bit and took for granted that you had a certain level of experience as a sewer. I just went ahead and did what I usually do, which is sewing things together without paying too much attention to the directions.

Upon re-reading the directions, I feel that I might have been wrong about this. I am so bad at reading pattern instructions that it is difficult for me to judge how well they are written.

I always feel that I have created something really nice when I complete a Keeper's Dolly Duds pattern, and I am really happy with these dresses.

I am also really, really pleased with the lovely pictures I got of the girls wearing the dresses!


  1. Cute dresses! I like how the ribbon adds a nice bit of extra visual interest and pop to them. :)

  2. Those are lovely! I love the contrast on the yellow dress best.

  3. These are absolutely lovely. I especially like the yellow. The ribbon sets it off wonderfully. And I love the photo with a bit of her hair sweeping across her face :)

    1. Thanks! I was worried that there was a bit too much sun in that picture.


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