Friday, June 24, 2016

A Lucky and Unlucky Day

I have a friend visiting for a week from across the country. We have been so excited and looking forward to this forever. 
We went to Chicago for two days and had an awesome time.

However, since we got back, she has been SO sick and has to spend her time in bed sleeping.

She urged me to go canoeing without her today. I was walking to the library to get the Freebie Friday pattern, when I saw a garage sale- with Steps High in the front yard.

I RAN back home, grabbed all the cash I had, and ran back. 

Guys, I got Julie, Kaya, Steps High and the tipi for $60.

I NEVER expected to have luck like this. WOW. (Which is not to say that I didn't always dream of it happening, LOL)

Both dolls have their toenails painted, and Kaya's hair is a mess, but guess what? I have been WANTING a TLC Kaya to replace her wig, and couldn't bear to buy one that still had nice hair. Forgive me for posting "Before" pics, I was too excited to wait and fix them up before I posted this.

The little girl carried the tipi to my apartment for me, and I showed her some of my doll clothes that I had sewn. She recognized the Mondrian dress as being Mondrian! Squeee!

So who knows what is going to happen next on this trip, LOL, it is wildly unpredictable.


  1. I'm sorry that your friend has been ill, but congrats on the awesome doll find! Can't wait to see how you fix them up! :)


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