Sunday, June 5, 2016

Anne visits Delavan

Anne got to visit Delavan, Wisconsin, just like mini Kirsten did in January. Delavan is the nineteenth century circus capital of the world, and there is so much to see and do there.

The famous Barnum and Bailey circus was founded in Delavan in 1871.

There are lots of statues and murals honoring the town's heritage. This is a statue of the famous elephant Romeo. He killed five people. I think they should have named the statue after a nicer elephant!

Anne is brave enough to stand in a lion's mouth!

The giraffe statue does not have a name. Mini Kirsten thinks he should be named Sven, but Anne thinks he should be named Herman. Silly girls.

This stamp honoring the circus had its opening night in Delavan. It was the first time that a stamp depicted a living person, although that was an accident on the part if the U. S. Postal Service!

Frank Lloyd Wright designed five houses and one yacht club in Delavan. The yacht club burned down, so it is honored in this mural. The houses are still there, a hundred years later.

The Wisconsin School for the Deaf is located here.

I love this library.

This spot on the train tracks is where the Barnum and Bailey circus left for the first time in Match 1871! How cool is that!

You can have a lot of fun on Lake Delavan. The lake itself is also part of circus history. One winter, when an elephant named Juliet died, the ground was frozen and she could not be buried. So her body was laid to rest in the lake.

Anne loves Delavan!

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