Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mini Lea visits Chicago again

Mini Lea is always up for a trip, and this time she is visiting Chicago again!

Mini Lea went to the Field Museum for the second time! How lucky is she?

She loves Sue, the T-rex.

Mini Lea was excited to see this doll dress worn by a doll of the Crow nation!

This fountain was pretty cool.

 It even made a rainbow!

 She visited the Cloud Gate, more commonly called the Bean.

She also visited the Museum of Science and Industry, which was once a building in the 1893 World's Fair!

Gotta love those skyscrapers!

Mini Lea is worn out from all the walking she did in Chicago! Maybe next time she should ride a bike instead.


  1. I love the Field Museum! I haven't been in forever though. Thanks for the pictures. :D


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