Thursday, June 30, 2016

New American Girl Simplicity Patterns!

I was so excited when the first official modern patterns from the American Girl Company were released by Simplicity!

And American Girl has NOT stopped spoiling us. They are putting out more official patterns!

It's about time that they took notice of those of us who sew for our dolls!

The new patterns are:

This is my favorite new pattern. It shows swimwear and beachwear! Perfect for this time of year. The patterns look different from any currently being offered by online pattern designers.

This pattern shows pantsuits and a maxi dress. It's not my favorite, but I will be sure to get it.

This pattern shows pretty party dresses! The patterns seem basic, but I'll be sure to get it anyway!

I am very pleased that the first four patterns did well enough that American Girl continues to release them. Maybe some day we will get new historical patterns!

I am also hoping that there might be a fourth new pattern, since they released four patterns the first time. If so, the pattern number does not seem to be continuous with these three. Trust me, I checked.


  1. Sew much new fun! All are different--might be basic but so different each one. Have fun!!


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