Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pattern Review: Wren*Feathers Renaissance Princess Dress

I just finished another commission to make a dress from a Wren*Feathers pattern. This is the Renaissance Princess dress from the Princess costumes patterns.

It's really pretty, but it took me a while. For one thing, it is made of four pieces- the bodice, which has attached white sleeves, the two purple over sleeves, and the skirt.

I went very slowly and carefully, because I was not familiar with the pattern, and I wanted to do a good job.

I created a quilted effect on the bodice front and the over sleeves by sewing the fabric in a crodd hatch pattern.

To attach the bodice and the over sleeves, I had to create 20 tiny button holes. That's a lot! It has two on each side of the bodice, and eight on each over sleeve. Then the over sleeves are attached to the bodice and to its top sides by using ribbon. I had to figure out the best way to create such tiny button holes, and I had to make them very carefully, so I wouldn't ruin the entire garment.

The skirt was tricky too, because hemming on a curve is hard and especially with such slippery material. I followed the pattern's advice to finish the edges with a zig zag stitch.

The finished dress is lovely and worth all the effort.

I would rate the pattern as somewhat tricky and definitely time consuming. You can't expect a dress for a true princess to be too easy. ;)


  1. Twenty tiny button holes?!? My worst sewing nightmare! :-)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of button holes! Respect!

  3. It is gorgeous, Beth. Such great detail and buttonholes! Twenty of them! I bow to you, ma'lady


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