Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Etsy Purchase Review: LinLovelies

I love sewing doll clothes and quilts for my dolls. However, I have never learned to knit or crochet very well. Add to these facts a reverence for well-made handmade objects, and you find me scouring etsy for knit or crochet items for my dolls.

I didn't want just any knit or crochet items, though. I am picky.
A lot of people knit and crochet dresses for dolls, and I don't like those. I want dolls to have clothes that look like people's clothes. The majority of knit dresses do not achieve this.
Also, I just wanted pieces that would supplement the clothes I sew, not replace them.

I ended up finding the shop LinLovelies.

The shop owner knits cardigans and shawls for dolls. The prices are amazingly affordable.

Most of the cardigans are from the same pattern, with a cable down the front. There are a few without the cable, but I personally think it is adorable.

The cardigans are available in many colors. I bought one in white and one in beige. These neutral colors can be added to nearly any outfit.

The items are beautifully made and look perfectly in scale with American Girl dolls. The buttons on the cardigans are also beautiful and perfectly to scale.

This one has tiny flowers on the buttons and it is too adorable for words.

I did get a matching hat as well with one of the cardigans, but I would feel silly making a doll wear this in the middle of summer. I will take a picture of it when fall arrives.

I also bought a shawl from this shop. The ones readily available in the shop were pink and lavendar, so I commissioned a cream colored shawl.

It is really stunning.  The detail is just amazing. It is soft and can be paired with modern and historical outfits.
The turn around for the shawl was much quicker than the shop owner estimated. I was very impressed by the level of service and communication.

I really cannot praise this shop enough. I made sure that I bought my "must-have" items from this shop before featuring it on this blog. I was worried that if more people knew about this shop, they would buy all the listings and I would not be able to get the ones I wanted!

 I am afraid that Laura fell in the creek after I took this picture, but I think she will be fine.

I highly recommend shopping at LinLovlies!

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