Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ruby Visits! Going to College

Ruby was very excited about touring a local college while she was here.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, really," she insisted.

Okay then.

 Here is Ruby with the college mascot!

She got lost and asked this friendly policeman for directions.

There was a historic log cabin...
And a historic red schoolhouse!
This historic bell used to toll the hours so students would be punctual to class.
Ruby was very excited about the observatory!
 This sculpture made her want to dance.
This sculpture is cool too!
Even more pretty flowers!

Ruby's very favorite thing on campus on this hot day was the waterfall! She said she would do all of her studying here!

Ruby thinks that college looks like a very neat place!


  1. What a nice visit out! I love the school house and the waterfall! Ruby is in a beautiful dress. It looks like she was dressed up to visit and ready to learn!

    1. Thanks! I made the dress she is wearing. The bodice is fully lined and I really like it.
      The frustrating part with the waterfall picture is that I couldn't fit the whole waterfall in. There are gorgeous waterlilies that didn't show up in the picture.


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