Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Patterns for Julie Albright

Now that I have Julie Albright, the 1970s American Girl doll, I have to think about what I can sew for her. That means it's time for another loooong list of patterns!
*waves arms like Kermit*

Wait. The Muppet Show ran from 1976-1981. That means I can make Julie a Muppet fan, right?

I don't care if Julie is supposed to be from 1974- MY Julie is  now officially a Muppet fan in 1976.

This is a live blogging doll personality update, people!
(possibly from the planet Koozebane. We can neither confirm nor deny)

Julie's patterns:

From Pixie Faire:

Dolls at Hearts Designs 1970s Ruffle Dress

Dolls at Hear Designs 1970s Sailor Dress

Dolls at Heart Loopy Collar Dress

Dollhouse Designs Bohemian Breeze Crop top and Skirt

Eden Ava Couture 1970s Holiday Maxi Dress

Eden Ava Couture 1970s Midruff Top and Bellbottom Pants

Eden Ava Couture Reversible Halter Top and Scooter

Eden Ava Couture 1970s Tennis Dress

Flossie Potter 1970s Body Suit

Flossie Potter 1970s Bolero Vest and Gaucho Skirt

Flossie Potter California Baja

Flossie Potter 60s and 70s Doll Accessories

Flossie Potter First Formal

Flossie Potter Favorite Fringed Vest

Flossie Potter Flower Child Maxi Dress

Flossie Potter Halter Ego

Flossie Potter Hip Hugger Bell Bottoms

Flossie Potter Jellies

Flossie Potter Peasant Crop Top

Flossie Potter 1970s Triple Play Coat

Flossie Potter Woodstock Peasant Top

Forever 18 Inches Geometry Class dress and Jumper

Genniewren Designs Swirl Maxi

Genniewren Designs Swirly Pants

Heritage Doll Fashions 1970s Panel Dress

Karen Lorraine Designs Les Souvenirs (This may look pioneer-ish, but is clearly inspired by the 70s Holly Hobby dolls)

Karen Lorraine Designs Prairie Chic

Keepers Dolly Duds Bibbed Playsuit

Keepers Dolly Duds Study Hall

Keepers Dolly Duds Sweet Seventies

Little Abbee 1970s Chevron Sun Dress Crochet Pattern

Miss Cake's Closet The Marsha Dress

  • 70s Shoe Patterns:

Appletotes 70s Platform Sandals

MicheDesigns T-bar Espadrilles

QTPie Dollisticks

On Etsy:

  • From Appletotes:
Stevie 70s Dress

From Bunny Bear Patterns:

Bunny Bear 1970s Sundress

Bunny Bear Maxi Dress

Lee and Pearl Classic Wrap Dress

Lee and Pearl Desert Sunrise Maxi Dress

Homespun Kat Knitted Hippie Hat

Homespun Kat Groovy Flare Jeans and Peasant Blouse

Homespun Kat 1970s Jumper Suit

Homespun Kat Egg Chair

The2ndLifeMercantile Vintage 1970s Pants, Skirt, Tunic and Blouse

Bunny Bear has some FREE retro designs to print out for T-shirts!

Elsewhere on the Web:

All Dolled Up Patches

All Dolled Up Summer of 74

Wren*Feathers FREE Empire Waist Blouse pattern

Wren*Feathers FREE Embroidered Top Pattern

Wren*Feathers FREE Embroidered Blouse (print at 120%)


  1. I just picked up Lee and Pearl's Desert Sunrise maxi. But I have made a version of their wrap dress as a top to pair with Liberty Jane's skinny jeans. It is a cute pattern. https://sewbeading.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/peplum-cutie-lee-pearl-wrap-dress-1031/


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