Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Generation Accessory Sets

I recently went on a very long car trip, and I had a Target gift card. Therefore, I was checking Targets in three different states for the elusive Our Generation Take a Letter accessory set.

(I would have been happy to find the Reel Cool set as well. Or the Retro Records. I didn't find those either.)

(One set I was happy not to find? Life Science. It grosses me out. But I am glad that it exists, because I know lots of people who like it.)

It's so hard to find the accessory set you want! Target and Our Generation, please take note. When you stock 20 bongo accessory sets, people cannot find the sets they want and you lose out on sales.

I did find some very cool sets, although I did not find the one I wanted.

All of these were at a different Target. There is not a magical Target out there with all the accessory sets. Alas.

I will do actual reviews when I open the sets and the weather is nice enough to me to take decent pictures of them.

This is the Woodwork Kit.  It contains a birdhouse, a hammer, a saw, a paintbrush, a can of paint with a removable lid, and a jar of screws.
Woodworking is something that boys used to take in school while girls took home ed. I am glad that this set suggests that girls can do woodworking too!
The paintbrush has plastic molded bristles, but at this price point, I am fine with that.

Here is the Phys Ed Gear set. It contains two rackets, three birdies, a water bottle, a headband, and a birdie container. badminton is a sport that is often overlooked by doll companies- I have never seen a badminton doll set before. Having joined a badminton club in Germany, I needed this set in my life!

This is the Lab Class set. It comes with a model volcano that glows in the dark, two phials, a container of dishwasher detergent, a measuring cup, a pipette, and a container of baking soda.
It's so cool and unique!

All of these accessories are unique. They have a great price point. They encourage girls to do a wide variety of activities.
 They are such a great product, I just wish that to was easier to buy them!


  1. wow, I like those, hopefully some day they'll come to a store in Australia near me. I have a Barbie badminton set, from the 80's, it has 2 rackets in brown and 2 birdies in yellow, definitely not as detailed as the above set, I think it had been included in a tent set.
    I really like the science volcano set, I've managed to acquire a couple of the sets that came with the microscope and test tubes, so it would be a great addition to my science class.
    thankyou for sharing this

    1. I hope the sets show up in Australia also! Good luck!


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