Monday, January 30, 2017

Vintage Doll- Katie

This is Katie. My grandparents gave her to me for my second Christmas.

My sister is only three months older than Katie.

There is a book called Baby Dear by Esther and Eloise Wilkins. It's about a little girl who does the same things to her baby doll that her mother does to her baby sister. That book was my life. I made my mother read it to me so many times that we had to use duct tape to hold it together.

Katie is a life sized baby doll. She is 21 inches long. She has a cloth body, and inside is a plastic heart. The heart is battery powered, and if you press your head against her body, you will hear a heart beat.

I love Katie so much. She went everywhere with me. People often thought she was a real baby and would tell my mother that her baby (Katie) was slumping over in the front of the shopping cart, or comment on why my mother would let such a little girl (me) carry an infant (Katie).

Once I was carrying her when we went to Sears for a family portrait. An employee lunged forward to grab Katie when she fell off the platform we were being posed on, thinking that she was witnessing a real baby being dropped on her head.

Katie was made by a Spanish company that today is the Berenguer company. I am glad that they are still in business, but to me, none of their current dolls are anywhere are pretty or special as Katie.

I am totally biased, and proudly so.


  1. I loved that book when I was little. I recently found it again. What sweet memories you have with your doll.


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