Friday, January 20, 2017

Vintage Doll- Bouncin' Baby

Bouncin' Babies were (was?) a doll line in the 80s and early 90s. 

I am going to date myself here, but I got this doll in 1991.

I call her Rachel! The Bouncin' Babies were battery operated. They could do different things , like crawl. Rachel can move her head. This is activated by removing her pacifier.

You can see a commercial, which includes a doll like Rachel, here! It seems that her clothes have faded a bit over the years.

Rachel came with a lot of furniture as well. This included a bassinet, a walker and a rocking horse. I have all of them, I think, but I didn't find all of them for this post.

I still think she is adorable! Unfortunately, I left the battery inside her and it corroded. This is so stupid, because I had another battery-operated doll and I knew better.

She is about 8 inches long. Pretty small. The doll in the commercial looks bigger, even considering how little the little girl is.

Rachel has hard plastic limbs, but they are loosely attached to the body and can flop around. They can go into nearly any pose, but don't necessarily stay that way. Overall, her body is kind of cuddly, considering that her actual body is mostly battery pack. I wouldn't have liked the crawling doll with the hard, unposeable limbs nearly as much.

And yes, she has purple eyes! Very 90s.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the beginnings of my life-long doll obsession!

Confessions of a Dolly Lover wrote a post about her Bouncin' Baby. I found out from the box pictures that she shared that Rachel was originally called the "Cuddly Baby!" That explains why she has some foam wrapped around her body, making her feel cuddly in my hand. The other Bouncin' Babies do not seem to share this. I still think I picked the best Bouncin' Baby, haha.


  1. Poor love, did the battery wreck her mechanism? She really is a cutie pie, regardless. Is it okay if I use this post as a source for one of my own? I'm working on a review of one of Rachel's friends.

    1. Yes, sure thing! I'd like it if you link to my blog. I was thinking about doing another post on her soon. I'm not sure if the mechanism works, I took the battery out so it wouldn't get corroded. I should test it one of these days, and fingers crossed.

    2. Oh don't worry, I will definitely provide a link. I always try to link to any sources I've got. Please let us all know if you do decide to test Rachel's mech; I'm not sure if my Tallulah's mech works, and frankly I'm too chicken to try!


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