Thursday, February 23, 2017

Melody Goes for a Walk

I bought Melody in December, when AG was having a pretty epic sale on the historical dolls.

For a relatively low price, I bought a bundle that included Melody, her coat, her holiday dress and her dog. 

Here she is all dressed up in her coat for the winter!

 I never would have bought Bo without this sale. Pets are not my doll collecting priority.

But I actually really like him! He is soft and scruffy, and Melody can easily hold him. I think the dark patches around his eyes help those cartoony embroidered eyes from becoming too overwhelming.

He can even sit up and beg! What a cute picture!c

What he can't do is lean against Melody's leg with his front legs while standing on his back legs. His face is too big and gets in the way. It's kinda funny.

The coat is a pretty shape and it looks great in pictures.

It's actually not my favorite. It was very hard to get the cuffs on over her hands.
I don't really like fur, buttons that look like jewels, or that metallic threads in the coat. It's a nice coat and it really buttons, but it just happens to have several elements that I don't like so much.

I also kept trying to get her coat collar to lie flat and it wouldn't. Maybe it's supposed to stand up like that? If she turns her head, it blocks part of her face.

The coat also did not feel very warm, which bothers me even if she is a doll!

I do feel that it looks better to me in pictures than in real life! I wouldn't discourage anyone from getting it.

Anyway, if you'd prefer a different coat for Melody, you can make one using this coat pattern from Wren*Feathers.


  1. It bothers me how it blocks part of her face too, but otherwise I like it. It looks very cute in pics like you said!

  2. I saw Melody's coat at AGP and I did think it was a little odd (and annoying) how it blocked part of her face, but it's SO cute. I like the fur.:P And it looks great on Melody. I love your pictures:)
    Bo looks adorable with Melody:)


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