Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vintage Doll- Howdy Doody

My dad got this Howdy Doody for Christmas when he was three years old! He has taken very good care of Howdy Doody so that, although he is fragile, he still survives.

He is, in fact, 65 years old.
I thought it was exciting when my dolls Anne and Felicity were old enough to vote- Howdy Doody is old enough to retire!

After showing my mom's dolls, you didn't expect me to show one from my dad, did you?
Although Howdy Doody is arguably a puppet.

Still, it may explain why my dad supports my doll collecting.

The Howdy Doody Show was a popular television show from 1947 to 1960. Maryellen definitely would have watched this. Maybe her friend Davy had a Howdy Doody puppet too!

You can watch the show on Youtube!

Howdy Doody has sat on the top of a bookcase in the living room for my whole life. I expect him to survive for a long time to come.

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