Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New AG doll: Nanea Mitchell!

American Girl just shared pictures of a new historical doll!

Meet Nanea Mitchell from the 1940s!

Nanea is on the far left in this picture.

She is thought to be a historical doll from Hawaii in the 1940s.

This is so exciting! She is gorgeous. I was never a Molly fan, so I am very happy to see a new historical from that era. Especially one that adds diversity to the American Girl line!

She has a new face mold too!

Eeeeeee. She's so pretty! I love her!

What a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise!

She will be available this fall!

I am happy that Lissie is coming back, but I am super super excited about Nanea!


  1. I thought Nanea had a different face but wasn't sure. She may have to join the collection too. I recently received a AG gift card and may have to go see Felicity's new collection to see if there is anything for my older doll.

    1. I am pretty sure she has a new mold.
      I may need the new Felicity items for my girl, too!

  2. I totally agree about Nanea and the wonderful valentines surprise. With all the negative reaction to AG that was going about, by Valentines Day I just wanted to burst into tears, being an earlier time zone I didn't get the release until the 15th, and found myself crying tears of happiness. I know that comment sounds soppy, but Nanea's announcement, it just turned my whole mood around. I really do hope she is everything we love about American Girl.


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