Monday, February 13, 2017

Pattern Review: Wren Feather's Melody Meet Dress

Wren*Feathers has a pattern for Melody's Meet Dress here. It is labeled as "April's Halloween Dress," which makes it hard to find on a search, but I guess it keeps AG's copyright department from going after her.

I found some very cute orange fabric that looked 1960s to me at Joann's, and I knew what I wanted to do with it!

The finished dress almost says 1970s to me. Maybe the fabric wasn't as 1960s as I thought. It's not a decade I have done much research into until now.

Melody and Kaya look so cute in their matching dresses!

They look cute wearing the same dress, too!

This dress is very tight. It's tighter than Melody's actual meet dress. I would add a little more space to the back of the dress if I made it again. I think a half inch on each side would do it.

I had to tug at the dresses to try to keep any wrinkles from showing due to the tightness of the fit.

Still, at least it closes in the back.

I used Melody's actual meet dress as a guide on how big to make the bows. They were bigger than I would have guessed!

The collar of the dress rides up when you put it on the doll. That is why the bow on the front of my version is slightly lower than on Melody's meet dress. I did not compensate enough for the collar riding up.

I think it looks fine anyway.

 I am very happy with these dresses, and so is Melody!


  1. They are so adorable in the matching orange dresses.

  2. Was it also tight in the front? Would you suggest adding a little there too?

    1. I think just a little extra in the back would make the whole thing fit perfectly. It's a little tight in the front, but I think only because the back is tight. Maybe I should sew another version to double check!

    2. And you'd need to make the collar a bit longer as well to compensate, of course.


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