Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Felicity's Wardrobe: Felicity's Summer Outfit

Well, it's summer, and sure enough Felicity has changed into her summer dress. She says it is quite warm enough in this dress without wearing winter clothes, thank you very much.

I love this dress. I am very proud that I still have the sash and the stockings. I can't bear to tie a bow in the sash, because I don't want to put permanent wrinkles in it. I fastened it with a very un-Colonial safety pin.

I think Felicity looks like she is on a visit to Grandfather!

Look at the gorgeous hems in the skirt. I think they are so pretty, and no doubt practical for a growing girl.

No, I do not have the hat or the shoes. They were sold separately, and I did not like them that much.
I don't regret it even now, because you can't see what shoes she is wearing anyway, with this long skirt. And the hat would take up so much room in storage.

My pretty Lissie!

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