Saturday, July 8, 2017

Getting Ready for MCM

MCM is in two weeks. If this is your first time, I am sure, you are wondering what to expect.
These tips are based on my experience last year.

1. Money. Obviously you need money to pay for your new dolls and/or doll accessories! The MCM benefit sale accepts a variety of payments, but make sure you have at least some cash. You may need to pay for parking, and if you want to buy anything from the vendors outside, they may accept cash only.

2. Practice parallel parking. I jest, a little, but it is really hard to find parking. There was a small field/ side yard that was set aside for official free parking last year, and it did not have anywhere near enough park spaces. I was lucky and found a parallel parking place for free, but you may need to give in and pay for a parking spot, which is around $5.

3. Punctuality. I recommend coming early, as you may likely need time to search for a parking space. That being said, last time I had to wait after my official entrance time for my group to be let in.

4. Wardrobe. Wear comfortable shoes, that you can stand and walk in.

5. Bags and water. The volunteers sell both huge bags which hold lots of dolls, and bottles of water. However, if you bring your own, you have more money for dolls!

6. Weather. Check the weather forecast. Be prepared with sunscreen or umbrellas, or both. You will probably be exposed to the elements to some degree while waiting to get in. A hat might be a good idea as well.

7. Planning. If you want to be totally spontaneous in your purchases, that's up to you, but I recommend at least looking at what is available and the prices ahead of time. If I hadn't checked the list, I would not have known they were selling the Santa dress, as it took me three time to find where it was being sold. Be aware of how many of each item you are allowed to buy, or else you will waste volunteers' times and face disappointment.

8. Noise. If you are noise sensitive, bring ear plugs. It's really loud.

9. Books. Bring something to do when you are stuck in line. Preferably small and lightweight, because carrying lots of doll boxes is onerous. When I was in line waiting to be let in last year, my cell phone did not get any reception, so that is something to keep in mind. I did get reception again once I was in the warehouse. I read a book while waiting in line, an Agatha Christie to be specific. It was one more thing to carry, but it was worth it to me. I put it at the bottom of my giant bag once I was out of the line.

10. Food. This one is just me being a practical Girl Scout, but I brought a packed lunch in a cooler, which I kept in the car and ate really fast once I was done shopping. The speed was due to all the people circling around in cars, looking for a parking place. I felt guilty about taking one once I was done shopping.

You can read about the experience I had at MCM last year here, and Nethilia's here.


  1. Thank you for the informative post! The parking situation was what I was most nervous about, so that's good to know. I wish they posted a map or mall style directory for where things will be in the warehouse. It would be so much faster if I knew ahead of time which way to go. Is it usually laid out the same way each year? I want to go straight to the historicals first.

    1. The historical dolls are usually right at the entrance on the right.

    2. Thank you! Maryellen is my priority for the day & I'm so anxious she'll be gone by my time.

    3. Good luck! She's not the newest historical anymore, so that will help.


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