Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Girl for All Time Bex Update

A Girl for All Time's Bex is adorable. I am excited to be able to share her final look:

The blue used on her shorts is brighter than the prototype we saw during the indiegogo campaign.

The reason for this is that this blue is meant to be more stain proof.

I liked the darker blue, but stain proof clothing is very important with high quality dolls!

Bex is very cute!

I did not order her during the indiegogo campaign because I got Elinor. I don't bond with dolls if I get more than one at a time.

However, Bex is so cute that I do hope to get her some day.

Here is a small image of the prototype with the darker blue, FYI.


  1. I really like those boots they have on Bex. That's a great style.

    I feel like if I got Elinor I'd end up snapping and shouting "Play a volta!" every time I walked past her (even though she looks less like Cate-Blanchett-as-Elizabeth now than she did in the original test photos).

    1. This version of Elinor is my favorite and I hope that her face mold doesn't change again.


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