Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Girl For All Time Nisha

A Girl For All Time Nisha is here!

First of all, she is obviously gorgeous. She has such a sweet face.

Her hairs feels very soft. It is easy and enjoyable to style.

Her dress seems to be a high quality also. It is nicely made. The bodice is lined. It closes with two snaps in the back.

I personally do not like the colors or the large-ish pattern on the dress, but that's just me.

I picked Nisha because I think she is gorgeous. I am also a sucker for international dolls of different ethnicities (see also: Hearts for Hearts).

I did not pick her because I liked her meet outfit, haha.

I do think it is odd that the modern Girl For All Time dolls cost $20 less than the historical ones.
The historical ones obviously require more research, but as the books are sold separately, it seems that the consumer is paying that much for for a fancier meet outfit.

Okay, here is what I did not like as much about Nisha:

Her posing is odd. She is strung with elastic like BJD dolls.  Her elastic is very, very tight. That's a good thing, but it really affects the number of poses she can hold. Her poses are limited.

Her knee joints, in particular are useless. The elastic is so tight that if you bend her knee, her leg snaps right back into a straight position.

Even sitting, her legs stuck straight out.

Here are some of the poses she managed to hold:

They are very pretty, but limited.

What bothered me most is that her head is also strung with elastic. This means that her head has, in theory, more range than an American Girl doll.

In practice, her head kept snapping to look downwards when I tried to adjust it. It was a process to get her to look straight ahead at anything. This was very annoying very quickly.

You want the elastic to be tight, obviously, so that she can stand up on her own. I bet it is difficult, if not impossible, to restring these dolls on their own. This just seemed to be too tight.

Elastic is not known for staying tight for years and years, so I wonder what these dolls will be like in ten or twenty years.

Her shoes bothered me. They are very nicely made and look very durable. I like that they are boots and not just slippers or sandals.

However, they fit very nicely, but the end of the foot extends about 3/4 of an inch past the doll's foot. It looks odd. I don't like big clunky footwear on dolls, and the extra length makes these boots clunky.

I am not sure how well you can tell in these pictures:

But the shoes are definitely too long.

I wondered if the shoe length was to help her stand, but she can stand in her stocking feet:

She has a stamp on her side, showing the brand name and symbol.

It's quite large for the doll size. This bothers me less than the trouble posing her and the too long shoes.

I saw on the box that these dolls are recommended for ages three and up. That's a lot younger than the recommended 8 years for American Girl dolls!

Since little girls are being given AG dolls, this may be buying into that trend?

Overall, Nisha is very pretty, and well-made and delightful.

The posing thing I find very annoying, though. She has these joints and can't really use them.

I wish especially that her head was not elasticized so that she can look straight ahead more easily.

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