Thursday, November 16, 2017

Double-Bow Dress

Ellie is modelling the Double-Bow Dress from American Girl.

I bought this dress at MCM this summer. I think it is really cute. 

I like the headband in Ellie's dark hair. I don't always pay much attention to hair accessories, but this really stands out.

I paired the dress with the Penny Lane Jacket from Pixie Faire that I sewed myself.

I like it paired with this dress. It looks sophisticated, and much better than the white sundress I initially paired it with.

I have been trying to dress my dolls warmly for the fall weather, and adding the jacket to the dress makes a weather-appropriate outfit, at least if you discount the sandals. I like it!

The colder weather is making me sorry that I usually tend to buy and sew dresses for the dolls. Their legs look cold! I need to sew more pants, but they are less fun than all the pretty, pretty dresses.

The dol wardrobes tend to be more fantasy than practical ones, with the exception of Anne's. She didn't even own a fancy dress for years and years.

American Girl's so-called Winter Sightseeing Outfit looks like a fantasy outfit. It does not look warm enough for winter, and I have never seen anyone wear anything like that capelet. It's pretty, though.

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