Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Melody's Christmas Outfit

In Melody's books, she is given this dress and the coat by her grandparents for her birthday on New Year's Eve.

However, American Girl calls this Melody's Christmas Outfit, so that is the title I am going with.

It comes with the dress, tights, shoes and headband.

I have had this outfit as long as I have had Melody, but somehow I never took pictures of it before.

The headband is basically a gold ribbon, but it looks nice in her hair.

The tights are basic tights.

The shoes are black flats with velvet bows. They do not match the dress at all. Come on, AG.

The dress is very pretty. However, the dress feels like plastic. I have said this about more than one outfit lately, but it is truer of this dress than of any other American Girl outfit. It feels like plastic tablecloth fabric, yet itchy.

I feel so sorry for Melody for having to wear a dress this uncomfortable!

Also, the sleeves are tight and limit her arm movement.

However, she looks flawless.

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