Monday, November 20, 2017

Addy's Sunday Best

I recently got Addy's Sunday Best dress!

It is a very pretty dress. The purple color looks great on Addy.

It's actually a very simple dress compared to either version of her school outfit.

The dress has a square neckline, puff sleeves, ribbon trim around the skirt and voila!

One reason I wanted this dress is because I was given Addy's Special Edition mini, which also wears this dress.

And of course Addy is spoiled as regards her wardrobe!

She is very happy with this dress!

I took several different pictures of Addy at different times of the day, and it is interesting to see how they vary.

It's hard to get good lighting for pictures once winter begins.


  1. And now you need to get a photo of Big Addy and Bitty Addy both wearing purple <3


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