Wednesday, July 18, 2018

MCM Price List

The MCM benefit sale price list has been released for the Saturday sale. It's fun to analyze the list to see what it may mean about how the company is doing.

The link is here.

Tenney and Melody are marked at $60 each, and you can buy 10 of each. Wow! That must mean that they are not doing very well.

I love Melody, she's just lovely, and this makes me want to buy a second one. But madness this way lies.

The price list does not list CYOs. Does MCM not have any returned CYOs? I can see it causing chaos as everyone peruses the one of a kind dolls, but I know there have been CYO returns.

Z and Logan are being sold at historical doll prices and you can buy one each, so they didn't receive a huge amount of them.

They still have Isabelle, and you can buy two of her! Bwahahahaha. There must be a good number of her.

There is not a huge list of what clothes and accessories you can buy. There are several of Maryellen's things and a couple of Melody's. It does not say what moddie outfits might be available.

I think the color coding system for showing how many you can buy of each item sounds confusing.

I kind of want Lea's kayak now.

I expected that there would be a ton of permapanty dolls, and that therefore there would be high limits on how many Truly Me dolls you could buy.

This seems not to be the case. They are $60 each, and you can only buy three. I thought last year they were $55 and you could buy 8? They must have received fewer Truly Me dolls this year. Odd.
Maybe AG destroyed the permapanty ones instead?

The sale benefit Facebook page said in answer to a question that if you are allowed to buy a limit of 45 dolls this year, up from a total of I think 25 last year. Very few people who are not resellers will want 10 Melody dolls or 10 Tenney, though.

We shall see how it goes!

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