Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Girl for All Time Elinor

I was finally able to open my A Girl For All Time Elinor.

It is really unfortunate that this is after the death of my guinea pig, who was also named Elinor.

The last time I got a doll with the similar name as a pet, the pet also died.

I had a really sweet dog named Mattie, who died at the name time I got my Brigitte Frigast gnome Mads.
You can see Mads in this post.

There is clearly some serious bad luck for me with owning a doll that has a name similar to a pet.

Elinor the doll is gorgeous and I love her.

 Here is Elinor in the box.

Here she is with the outer box removed.
I needed a scissors to remove the bands holding her in. I was annoyed that one of the bands went through her hair.
I might have been able to untie the bands, but I was too impatient.

 She is just soooo pretty.

I will get some pictures of her together with Nisha soon!

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