Sunday, July 29, 2018

Llama Pajamas!

I saw that My Life As had llama pajamas for dolls and I really wanted them!

Llamas are a special thing in my family. I have two pairs of my own llama pajamas, one for Christmas and one for spring.

Luckily for me, mcooper of Isn't She Dovely found them for me! Yay! Thanks so much! Doll collectors friends are the best.

Here is Zia modelling the pajamas:

It fit just fine, which I was pleased with.
If it had been too small, my back up plan was to make them into pajamas for A Girl for All Time dolls.

Here is Zia getting ready for bed:

And all tucked into bed with mini Gabi:

I am so happy to have these cute pajamas!

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